Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back in here by seto

Back in here by seto

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same

First release by new label Apersonal Music. Project created by Andres Vegas and
Maurice Aymard, who challenge the current music business crisis by joining the
list of adventurers who releases on vinyl during times of retreat. The label is
intended to publish music that points back toward the classic sounds of
electronic music, the eternal sound. For the ever loved and well remembered 001
they sign producer Trujillo. A pioneer of the electronic music scene on his
country Venezuela, also native land of the label heads. The single runs at
110bpm with a retrospective feeling; built by melodic synths, low bass and
provocative voices. Baby Youre Still The Same a slow burner that takes you on a
journey of inspiration.

The first artist selected to flip the single was the highly experienced in the
subject Mark E, a solid gold creator English producer. Mark E has proved us his
talent on labels like Running Back, Sonar Kollektiv and his own jewel Merc
Music. A very dark remix but at he same time elegant and delicate.

Second remix by Social Disco Club of Portugal, a fast growing producer whos been
consolidating himself in the genre after reporting on major labels as Bear Funk
and a remix on Permanent Vacation. He takes over the disco danceable side of the
release, giving it the true talented-producer-rerun by adding new vocals under
the soft voice of Lucy Walker. Of course, disco and soul are brothers!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frank Agrario - Hot Tube

internasjonal Spesial would love to tell you a lot of things about Frank Agrario but only a few things are known… His real name is Francesco Brini He lives in Bologna. He used to play percussion with Swayzak. The cheesy italian he is, he runs a label called Mozzarella Recordings (where Internasjonal Spesial also snagged “Upgrade" from). Both sides of this 12" have been slightly re-strung in the Full Pupp K16 Lab in Oslo, turning both into lethal party-starters. "Hot Tube" combines the fatness of house with a disco-not-disco vibe (cowbell percussion gone crazy, rumbling bassline, post-punk vocal etc, electro-dance synth lines) and is a killer - just wait for the panned twizzy keyboard bit (hinting at passing car horns I reckon) in the middle and watch the crowd wave their hands aloft. "Update" heads further to the house dancefloor with some seriously hefty bass-weight and driving rhythm. The big hands-aloft rave-tinted keyboard line is the icing on the cake. 

Enjoy it it's good


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ulysses- Gibson In E Love Hangover

Short about the label:. A joint effort between Prins Thomas and Word And Sound-
The idea behind the label is to put out good music and not limiting ourselves to
stick with a specific genre, instead opting to stay fresh and individual with
each release going in every direction we feel. We?re gonna be highlighting new
talent, re-releasing some lesser known nuggets and certainly give you some
dancefloor killers along the way to. From japanese techno to California kraut :
) just the way we like it? Fernando Pulichino should be a familiar name to you,
either as part of 2020 Soundsystem or maybe his recent cover version of
Bauhaus"Kick in the eye? on Redux? Anyway, we cherry picked 2 of his tracks, one
for the peaktime and one for the good times. We hope you like it as much as us
Internasjonal HQ Elliot is Ulysses, also known as half of Neurotic Drum Band
together with John Selway on Wurst or as recently debuted for Internasjonal
Spesial, ?Filipsson & Ulysses)(INTSPE001 together with Holmar Filipsson). Elliot
and Prins Thomas met up for breakfast in New York and multiple late night calls
and emails exchanged later we finally present these 2 special gems from Elliot?s
library of music. On the first track you get the original track ?Gibson in E",
played on Beats In Space radio back in March 2010 to much positive feedback.
Lovely krauty doddelings?. on a spaceship?? For the second track we?re treated
to Ulysses personal rendition of Diana Ross ballad goes disco classic ?Love
Hangover". Oh yes, very special indeed....

so enjoy it peeps..that was a great song indeed


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Escort-Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix)

It’s been three years since NYC’s Escort have released a single, though you probably remember their great, Muppet-filled video for “All through the night” or their energetic, summer-perfect remix of Feist’s “I Feel It All.” “Cocaine Blues” is their new single, finally, and Escort is offering the album version as a free download on theirwebsite. It’s warm, slinky disco, but Escort’s Dan Balis and Eugene Cho always put in details that make their songs evocative without feeling like throwbacks, really. They go over a lot of their process in this Riff City interview. Some of the things they borrow from: nineteenth century folk rhymes, a Jamaican version of a turn-of-the-century blues song.

Download here

Monday, November 1, 2010

Black Disco Vol 8

black Disco is back with moree Groovy disco Tunes...Hope u like it..


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Runaway Fire below remix

On The Prowl brings us two outstanding remixes for Runaway's "The Fire Below", Canadian duo extraordinaire Azari & III, and Scotland's new phenom The Revenge.

Hot off the heels of "Hungry For the Power" and "Reckless For Your Love", Azari & III flex their remix muscle with a heavy dose of synth stabbing and percussive angst, reworking Runaway's original "The Fire Below" into a peak time burner.

The Revenge's take shows that you don't have to "bang it out" to fill dancefloors. Fortunate for us, Graeme Clark aka The Revenge took time off his own super busy imprint (Instruments of Rapture) to give us 2! of his best remixes to date. His first mix displays what's made his production touch so popular, disco boogie-styled samples mixed with a slow modern take on classic house percussion. Is that a George Benson vocal snippet in the mix? His second "Bassline Dub" mix strips things down to reveal the bare essentials, a more than catchy bassline hook peppered with all the right minimalistic house sounds. The "Dub" mix will be a digital only release.

With this three track remix ep from the OTP camp, doors are going to swing wide open. The NYC label backed by Runaway has us excited, and continues to show us how things should be done.

Enjoy It....!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Traks Boys Starbust/Yellobirds

Prins Thomas joins another dot to his global Internasjonal network with this latest offering from Japanese duo Traks Boys who are Kawasaki-based producers and DJs Crystal and K404. Mid-tempo tech-house track “Starburst” paints a perfect picture of a celestial phenomenon with its glittering and rotating synth loops that are condensed more and more before erupting into a beautiful cascading ray of sound. Prins Thomas highlights the magic melodic synth lines with his hypnotising beatless remix. “Yellowbirds” on the flip is another marvelous piece of space boogie with a playful, cheeky Far Eastern music box melody. TBD (DFA), aka Lee Douglas of Rong fame and Justin Vandervolgen (Golf Channel) close this brilliant four tracker with a totally irrestistible driving peaktime house take: just drop your spaceguns and surrender to the beat. 

Enjoy It Guys


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lexx is Back

After Having A blast weekend let's take a moment to relax and cooling up..Hope U Enjoy this Mixtape...Have a Great Monday all...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mushroom Project

"Mushrooms Project are Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano who met back in 2003. They were
joined through a love of DJing and a passion for all forms of music.
Their inspiration has come from the Idjut Boys and the Mateo & Matos duet. Pushing the
boundaries of DJing they introduced themselves to using 4 turntables, which enables them to
fuse together deep house, disco and funk. After making their debut in their home country of
Italy they have gone onto play at various parties around Formentera and Ibiza. In the middle
of the Mediterranean their Balearic approach to music fitted in perfectly with their"

Great music. If you like norwegian/italian ambientdiscogstyle like Todd Terje / Rune Lindbaek / Diskjokke etc I bet you will like this!
this is their 12' Tropikal Mushroom good tracks in there Hope u like it

1 Tropikal Mushrooms (Phoreski Remix)
2 Tropikal Mushrooms
3 From Tropik To Space
4 From Tropik To Space (Mark E Remix)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Evangelion Rebuild....

On September 9, 2006, Gainax confirmed a new animated film series called Rebuild of Evangelion, consisting of four movies to be released in 2007 and 2008 originally. However, only the first film was released in 2007, and the second in 2009. The first three movies will be an alternate retelling of the TV series (including new scenes, settings, backgrounds, characters), and the fourth movie will be a completely new conclusion to the story. The first of the new movies was released in Japan on September 1, 2007 under the name Evangelion: 1.0 You are(Not) Alone, The second,Evangelion:2.0 You can(Not) advance debuted in theaters on June 27, 2009.

Rebuild of Evangelion (ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版 Evangerion Shin Gekijōban?, lit. "Evangelion New Theatrical Edition") is a series of animated films that remake the original anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion  . It is being produced by Studio Khara  and Klockworx in partnership with Gainax . Hideaki Anno  is writing the films and will serve as general director and manager for the entire project, with Kazuya Tsurumaki  and  Masayuki directing the films themselves.  Yoshiyuki Sadamoto,Ikuto Yamashita , and Shiro Sagisu   are returning to provide character designs, mechanical designs, and music respectively.
The intention is for the series to be four films, a tetralogy , with the first three films providing new scenes, settings, and characters as well as newly available 3D CG Technology  and the fourth presenting a completely new conclusion to the story. Another stated intention of the series is for it to be more accessible to non-fans than the original TV series and films were.

This is the first Movie Trailer

The second Movie trailer

i just watch the 2nd series of this film it's really awesome and i want u to watch it too

here is the Torrent LINK for This Movie

Evangelion 1.0 you are (not)Alone

Evangelion 2.0 you can(not)Advance

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The crystal Ark

If there is a driving motive at the heart of Gavin Russom's latest project, The Crystal Ark, it is to create music that communicates and compels physicality and movement. A listen to the project's first single, aptly named "The City Never Sleeps," reveals a track as tireless as the title suggests, and Russom as a visionary who crafts invocations to move. With his second release under the Crystal Ark moniker, Russom is just as focused on eliciting movement, but deftly avoids repeating himself. Unlike its hypnotic predecessor, which slow burned and subtly seduced listeners to physically respond, "The Tangible Presence of the Miraculous" is explicit in its urgings – a composition of nakedly energetic and urgent inducements to dance.

Rhythm sits at the forefront of the track from the very outset: Polyrhythmic drumming forms the centerpiece for half-exhaled, half-sung male and female vocals and an electronic buzz that rises and falls in both volume and time. From there, the song shifts through moods, but never shakes its focus on percussion, which morphs from organic to electronic – twisting, changing, evolving and taking various shapes over the track's 14 minute runtime. Along the way, vocals in Spanish and English – provided by frequent Crystal Ark collaborator Viva Ruiz – take and relinquish control of a soundtrack that progressively swells and, ultimately, diminishes in layers of synths. By song's end, we're left only with a pulsing drone and persistent electro-percussion.

"The Tangible Presence of the Miraculous" also features a guest vocal appearance from Lizzy Yoder, formerly of Fischerspooner, and live percussion by Alberto Lopez. In addition to The Crystal Ark, Russom has released material as Black Meteoric Star and in collaboration with Delia Gonzalez. Most recently he has contributed to LCD Soundsystem both in the studio and as part of the live band.

Download here

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gerhan Space Rec promo Mix...

I just got this Mixtape..and i think it's awesome...u should check it out...

 Download Here
And if anyone wanna know More about space.rec u can visit Here

Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s Gruesome and Disturbing, a true Zombie anime

High School of the Dead is basically a westernized zombie action film stretched out into a television series. So you probably already have a good picture of what this feels like. However, this is an anime, so it’s not quite like a western zombie film; it features a special spice that can be found in some anime titles. We in the business call this ecchi, or a strong dose of perversion. This show also features tons of blood, and that phenomenon in anime where high schoolers are amazingly strong.

Basically, the story of this anime revolves around a group of students who just want to survive this zombie pandemic of epic proportions. It starts with their school gradually being overwhelmed by the undead, with a few of the smarter students realizing that running around screaming is probably not the best thing to do in this situation. The ones that survive team up and work together; however, the zombies are not the only ones the main characters have to worry about in this violent world.

This isn’t the best looking anime this season, or this year for that matter, but it gets the job done. But most importantly the fight scenes are intense and somewhat over-the-top, and exhibit a ton of splattered blood. Music is forgettable, but does what it needs to do, so no complaints here.

You can Watch the anime Online in


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aurora & Diamond tears by seto

Aurora & Diamond tears by seto Enjoy my next mixtape..hope u all like it..Have a blast Sunday..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Enjoy ur Sunday...

Maryland resident Maxmillion Dunbar has alredy gained alot of attention from his releases on Future Times. Swerving the current contrived reference points, B-Boy Max forges his own path mixing a kaleidoscope of boogie, electro, hip hop & analog soul. Max’s first EP for RAMP starts with 'Bare Feet' clipping sparse soul loops with epic flourishes, 'Loveloop/Socket Bonus' marrying cascading synths and 808’s, 'Wouldn’t Matter' chops up a relentless boogie loops and epic disco strings, and 'WAVS' draws the EP to a close with 80's beat boxes and ramshackle synth lines.

Download Here!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

UntitledMasterpiecetold by Treasureswithcrackles!

UntitledMasterpiecetold by Treasureswithcrackles!

this is some mix from our Local Dj Kresna aka Hobo...hope u Enjoy it...have a great weekend peeps.... 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Danish Disco duet Set..

Musicians and DJs Peter Visti and Jacob Meylend to engage in joint creativity back in 2003. Their release came out on labels such as Warner, Music for Dreams and Eskimo. But only this year Visti & Meyland released their first full album on the British label, Bear Funk.
"Once Visti & Meyland already made a noise to their release Yes Maam with stunning remixes from Trentemoller and Kasper Bjorke. Now they released a single Stars. This is a unique composition, which can be easily mistaken for an instrumental work, because vocals in the track starts with only the fifth minute. But whatever one may say, this is another hit.

this is their latest Album..

check their set too here....
Chilly Gonzales — Never Stop
Max Essa — Moonlight And New Direction (Visti & Meyland Remix)
Mark Seven — Pillow Talk
Bubble Club — Violet Morning Moon (Dr Dunk Remix)
Ungry Ghost — Illumination
Kenneth Bager — Time Is Up (Visti & Meyland Remix)
Visti & Meyland — Stars (The Time And Space Machine Remix)
Bubble Club — Morning Star
Juan Maclean — A Human Disaster (House Of House Remix)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Epic Nu-Disco Flexer

He's  a producer/DJ based in Nottingham, UK and work at a night club called Stealth. He make and play house/disco/techno and was recently signed to Under The Shade and have a string of releases either just out or on the way. My tracks are currently being played by:
Aeroplane, Tim Sweeney, The Revenge, Ewan Pearson, Mark E, Gerd Janson (Running Back), Steve Bug, Riotous Rockers, Horsemeat Disco, Matt Waites, Mugwump, 40 Thieves...

After his killer debut on Under The Shade, Chamboche returns with 2 new tracks backed with cracking remixes from Toby Tobias and Brontosaurus. Toby Tobias turns “On The Streets” into an epic Nu-Disco flexer, with big bombastic strings and pulsating synths.
But the most playable remix comes from the mysterious Brontosaurus who delivers a very lovely, Housy version of “The Problem”… Massive!

Hope U enjoy it...


Sunday, July 4, 2010

WolfMusic is Back...

Wolf Music are back with a 4th essential 12″ of dancefloor goodness. Ilija Rudman kicks things off with “Who’s Crying Now’. A sublime piece of soulful beatdown that tugs at the heart strings. Piccadilly favourite Cottam is up next with “Down Low”, a deep house looper in the style of Mahogani Music etc. Greymatter hits us with “Seventh Disco”, a prime piece of looping disco-house, and to end this EP we have KRL’s “Time”, another solid Deep House cut with some hot Jazz-Funk action..


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

21'st Century Fable

Starting in April, the special effects jidaigeki (period drama) "Daimajin" that was hugely popular back in 1966 will make its revival as a TV series on TV Tokyo. The late-night dorama will be called "Daimajin Kanon" and had 1 billion yen ($11,000,000) for its creation, an extraordinarily huge budget for a dorama of that time slot. Heroine of the new series will be the female college student Rikuna Yuka (21) who got selected among 1000 other young women who auditioned for that role.

44 years ago Daimajin was the hero of the baby boom generation and today many people still know that giant statue. The originally trilogy was set during the Warring States period of Japan. Daimajin is a giant statue of a god of war that comes to life when singing a prayer for it and punishes all the bad guys. The transformation from the gentle expression of the idol to that of a vengeful feudal warrior was all the craze among children in the 1960s. Nowadays you can still find Daimajin on pachinko machines and stuff like that.

The new series is going to play in a modern era full of bad people. This time the heroine will be a college student called Kanon who keeps on singing prayers that awake the giant god of war. Once again Daimajin will have to deal with a lot of bad guys.

The production for the series ended in December. They spent a total of 7 months filming and consumed over 1 billion yen to recreate Daimajin with state-of-the-art special effects. An ordinary late-night dorama has a small budget of like 7,000,000 yen ($78,000) per episode, but this 26-episode-long epic series had almost fourfold the amount.

In the movies former big actresses like Takada Miwa (63) and Fujimura Shiho (71) played the heroine. This time they held an audition to find the perfect new heroine. More than 1000 young women and girls applied for the role and Rikuna came out as the winner. The series is a real classic, so the expectations and chances for her to follow the footsteps of the former heroines are very high.

"In the dorama Kanon is able to experience personal growth despite the coldhearted and painful life in the city. Just like her I was able to learn a lot during the filming and think that I grew up a bit myself." She looked back at the filming.

The dorama won’t be just another silly daikaiju (giant monster) series for children. It aims for a mature audience and airs only at 1:23 in the morning. The producer about the series, "Just like the original it has the message that righteous life should be rewarded. Many people these days know what it means to love someone with your heart and mind and it’s them who are going to enjoy this series."
u can watch it here..all episode are with subtitle... 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The uplifting Housey pianos and crisp, punchy beats of Marius’s

Marius, who made his first waves as a Hot new belgian producer on Prins Thomas’s Full Pupp label, got a fantastic response with his debut EP on Maxi Discs `Disco Drummer’. That release was supported by a wide spectrum of DJ’s such as Ashley Beedle, Prins Thomas, Mark E, The Revenge, and Faze Action. With its nostalgic, yet forward looking blend of classic NY House and disco elements, the Marius sound is very much what Maxi Discs is all about. On this new release, Ray Mang remixes the uplifting Housey pianos and crisp, punchy beats of Marius’s original version of `Jet Set’ and hits the full on Loft Party button to peak this acidic building remix in true Mangled style! Also look out for Marius’s `Jet Set’ LP, which will be dropping later in 2010 and for more fantastic music and top remixes to follow on Maxi Discs..

Just Be good to mee...

producer Graeme Clark aka The Revenge serves up a disco makeover of SOS Band’s Alltime Classic: ‘Just Be Good To Me’. Calling on the vocal talents of Danielle Moore, Graeme maintains his trademark production style, and keeps it slow and sexy with a BPM count that barely sneaks into 3 digits. The Revenge himself delivers an epic dub mix that clocks in at just under 10 minutes. And Ron Basejam aka James Baron delivers a funk-infused remix that ups the tempo a bit..


Monday, June 14, 2010

Closer Enough...

Hear up my latest Mixtape...

  Closer enough by seto

Doc Severinsen – Be With You / You Put The Shine On Me (DJ Harvey 12″ Cuts)

just surf the internet and find this awesome vinyl Hope  can get it soon...

 Be With You(DJ Harvey 12 Cuts) by seto
   You Put The Shine On Me(DJ Harvey 12 Cuts) by seto u can get the vinyl in here
and this the original track

Another Deadly Duo..

Another deadly duo of cuts then, taking basic raw drum track elements and twisting them into FX laden new shapes.

A bit of Techno house disco tunes from Idjut Boys....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Karas...Colorful lollipop Anime..

I was watching this anime lately,i just got the's produced by tatsunoko for celebrating their 40th anniversary..Tatsunoko was known as a studio that brought classic heroes anime like casshern,gatchaman,Polimar,yatterman and much more..
The Japanese episodes initially broadcasted in pay per view channel from March 25 2005 until August 3,2007.But now u can get it on dvd as six single dvd pack..

The story itself took place in's looks like Gotham city in Batman a bit dark and gloomy atmosfear..

In the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, humans unknowingly live side by side with spirits and other apparitions, who exist in a dimension parallel to our own. But the balance is being upset by the Mikura, demons who have taken physical form and must then kill to survive. Only Karas, the shadowy guardian crow of the city, can stop the Mikura and maintain the balance with the help of the mysterious Yurine. But the Mikura are being led by Eko, a former Karas who has turned his back on humanity and aims to destroy everything. Can Otoha, Yurine's newly recruited Karas, stop the renegade and his forces, without drawing attention from the locals, police and others with their own agenda?

This OVA (Original Video Animation to you non-otaku), is the 40th anniversary project of Tatsunoko Productions, the folks who gave us Speed Racer and Gatchaman (better known to Americans as "Battle of the Planets"). The show is very reminiscent of the latter, old style Japanese superhero shows from the '70s (think "Power Rangers" and you'll have an idea of what I mean). There's a hero who transforms into his powered-up persona with a special device, a mysterious guide/aide who knows more than she should, a badass villain with a small army of monsters/henchmen... the list goes on and on.
The animation is a mix of 2-D and CGI animation, which really helps bring about some incredible visual effects and Matrix-style camera angles. This really helps the fight scenes, as Karas and the Mikura are done by CGI. Sure, you can tell the difference, but it still looks incredible. It goes to show how far we've come with using CGI in animation production, creating visuals that could never be done before with traditional animation.
if u cant get the dvd u can watch it in here for free 

RBMA Radio - Lovefingers (Blackdisco, New York City) - Train Wreck Mix - Midnight Convoy

Andrew Hogge is a Los Angeles native and hosted Blackdisco Social Club from 2001, before seeking his fortune in New York City. He runs the Blackdisco imprint, which finds it's releases in the bags of DJ Harvey, James Murphy and Todd Terje and he is also one half of The Stallions, along-side his accomplice in disco Lee Douglas. As well as penning the twelve minute epic that was 'Stallion's Suite' for Findlay Brown under the moniker they have released a slew of remixes that have made waves across the modern dance music world. Lovefingers has also started up another label, ESP Institute, which is surely destined for big things. We get to feel the love in Andrew's fingers in this exclusive and original Trainwreck Mix comprised (unusually for him) of all new material and an essential prescription to the headphones of the daily commuter.

RBMA Radio - Lovefingers (Blackdisco, New York City) - Train Wreck Mix - Midnight Convoy

Some Dubby tripped out set from Sebastian

Check latest set from my friend Sebastian,he played alongside with Jeno and Hope u enjoy this...

 Denial officially begins by Sebastian Siahaan 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

6th Borough Project bunker kicking off with the supa dupa slo mo

it's been a long time that im not write in my im back..with  6th borough project 

Craigs DJ career has been on the go for fully 20 years, from his own famous night, ‘Audio Deluxe’ to numerous gigs at every major club across the globe. His 10 year residency at The Honeycomb in Edinburgh saw him play, host and gain the respect of all the players on the dance music scene. Guests at his club nights have included: Masters At Work - Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Lil’ Louie Vega, Terry Hunter, Phil Asher, John “Jellybean” Benitez, Bugz In The Attic, Domu, Mr V, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, DJ Deep, Osunlade, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Teddy Douglas, Dave Camacho, Ashley Beadle, Kenny Carpenter, Kerri Chandler, Frankie Feliciano, DJ Spinna - all of whom have rated Craig’s parties as one of the best to play in Europe. Always listening to, and collecting music as a kid, Craig started searching out club nights that would quench his musical thirst, and in the early 80’s it was parties like the capital’s Manifesto that really inspired and turned him on to a fresh and exciting scene that none of his school friends were even aware of. A stalwart on the scene from a young age this eventually lead him to make his DJ’ing debut in 1987 at Edinburgh’s legendary club night The Hooch. His initial influences were boogie, jazz funk, soul and the emerging sounds of rap and house and for him it was a natural progression into the modern production techniques and sounds of dance music. He is known for his non-compromising attitude for the music he loves and has always refused to be categorised preferring to be known for playing “quality dance music”. This has lead to an impeccable international reputation with gigs and radio appearances worldwide, and in his own hometown he is notorious as Irvine Welsh’s favourite DJ with a mention in his books. So far all of Craig’s recording work has been met with great critical acclaim. He has had records out on various labels such as EMI, Virgin, Hush Hush, In Demand, Maxi, Five20East and Soul Heaven under his own name and various guises, such as Harden Soul Project, The Wayfarers, The Soul Renegades and The Shaw Height Assembly and more recently 6th Borough Project. He has remixed tracks for the likes of Cevin Fisher, Roland Clark, Afro Medusa, Beverly Knight, Soul Providers, Moloko, and the Hong Kong Micros amongst others. Currently working on new music with production partner Graeme Clark (The Revenge) on their popular 6th Borough Project and Craig Smith & The Revenge guises, recent releases/remixes on Five20east, Soul Heaven and Jimpsters new label Delusions Of Granduer (as Craig Smith & The Revenge) and Jisco, Less Productions, Instruments of Rapture, Soul Heaven (as 6th Borough Project) have been gaining mad props/ radio/club play from such heavy hitters as Kenny Dope, Giles Peterson, Simbad, Karizma, Jimpster, Terry Hunter, Danny Krivit, Chris Duckenfield, Joe Clausell, Quinten Harris, Phil Asher, Todd Terje, Mad Matts and a host of others! Keep your eyes peeled as there are more tracks on the way with forthcoming releases on Soul Heaven, Instruments of Rapture, Freerange, Future Classics and Delusions Of Grandeur Craig has also been busy in the studio with Ricky Reid as they breath new life into the Soul Renegades production moniker. This exciting project has being gaining serious attention from the get go and with their debut release out now on the much respected Phil Ashers Restless Soul Music gaining heavy praise and with futher releases due on UK label Fresh Minute, US deep house don Anthony Nicholson ‘s Circular Motion imprint and a Stephanie Cooke remix for Soulful Beats ready to follow the future looks rosy

so this is their late ep part five Hope u all like it...