Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s Gruesome and Disturbing, a true Zombie anime

High School of the Dead is basically a westernized zombie action film stretched out into a television series. So you probably already have a good picture of what this feels like. However, this is an anime, so it’s not quite like a western zombie film; it features a special spice that can be found in some anime titles. We in the business call this ecchi, or a strong dose of perversion. This show also features tons of blood, and that phenomenon in anime where high schoolers are amazingly strong.

Basically, the story of this anime revolves around a group of students who just want to survive this zombie pandemic of epic proportions. It starts with their school gradually being overwhelmed by the undead, with a few of the smarter students realizing that running around screaming is probably not the best thing to do in this situation. The ones that survive team up and work together; however, the zombies are not the only ones the main characters have to worry about in this violent world.

This isn’t the best looking anime this season, or this year for that matter, but it gets the job done. But most importantly the fight scenes are intense and somewhat over-the-top, and exhibit a ton of splattered blood. Music is forgettable, but does what it needs to do, so no complaints here.

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