Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mushroom Project

"Mushrooms Project are Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano who met back in 2003. They were
joined through a love of DJing and a passion for all forms of music.
Their inspiration has come from the Idjut Boys and the Mateo & Matos duet. Pushing the
boundaries of DJing they introduced themselves to using 4 turntables, which enables them to
fuse together deep house, disco and funk. After making their debut in their home country of
Italy they have gone onto play at various parties around Formentera and Ibiza. In the middle
of the Mediterranean their Balearic approach to music fitted in perfectly with their"

Great music. If you like norwegian/italian ambientdiscogstyle like Todd Terje / Rune Lindbaek / Diskjokke etc I bet you will like this!
this is their 12' Tropikal Mushroom good tracks in there Hope u like it

1 Tropikal Mushrooms (Phoreski Remix)
2 Tropikal Mushrooms
3 From Tropik To Space
4 From Tropik To Space (Mark E Remix)


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