Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back in here by seto

Back in here by seto

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same

First release by new label Apersonal Music. Project created by Andres Vegas and
Maurice Aymard, who challenge the current music business crisis by joining the
list of adventurers who releases on vinyl during times of retreat. The label is
intended to publish music that points back toward the classic sounds of
electronic music, the eternal sound. For the ever loved and well remembered 001
they sign producer Trujillo. A pioneer of the electronic music scene on his
country Venezuela, also native land of the label heads. The single runs at
110bpm with a retrospective feeling; built by melodic synths, low bass and
provocative voices. Baby Youre Still The Same a slow burner that takes you on a
journey of inspiration.

The first artist selected to flip the single was the highly experienced in the
subject Mark E, a solid gold creator English producer. Mark E has proved us his
talent on labels like Running Back, Sonar Kollektiv and his own jewel Merc
Music. A very dark remix but at he same time elegant and delicate.

Second remix by Social Disco Club of Portugal, a fast growing producer whos been
consolidating himself in the genre after reporting on major labels as Bear Funk
and a remix on Permanent Vacation. He takes over the disco danceable side of the
release, giving it the true talented-producer-rerun by adding new vocals under
the soft voice of Lucy Walker. Of course, disco and soul are brothers!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frank Agrario - Hot Tube

internasjonal Spesial would love to tell you a lot of things about Frank Agrario but only a few things are known… His real name is Francesco Brini He lives in Bologna. He used to play percussion with Swayzak. The cheesy italian he is, he runs a label called Mozzarella Recordings (where Internasjonal Spesial also snagged “Upgrade" from). Both sides of this 12" have been slightly re-strung in the Full Pupp K16 Lab in Oslo, turning both into lethal party-starters. "Hot Tube" combines the fatness of house with a disco-not-disco vibe (cowbell percussion gone crazy, rumbling bassline, post-punk vocal etc, electro-dance synth lines) and is a killer - just wait for the panned twizzy keyboard bit (hinting at passing car horns I reckon) in the middle and watch the crowd wave their hands aloft. "Update" heads further to the house dancefloor with some seriously hefty bass-weight and driving rhythm. The big hands-aloft rave-tinted keyboard line is the icing on the cake. 

Enjoy it it's good