Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frank Agrario - Hot Tube

internasjonal Spesial would love to tell you a lot of things about Frank Agrario but only a few things are known… His real name is Francesco Brini He lives in Bologna. He used to play percussion with Swayzak. The cheesy italian he is, he runs a label called Mozzarella Recordings (where Internasjonal Spesial also snagged “Upgrade" from). Both sides of this 12" have been slightly re-strung in the Full Pupp K16 Lab in Oslo, turning both into lethal party-starters. "Hot Tube" combines the fatness of house with a disco-not-disco vibe (cowbell percussion gone crazy, rumbling bassline, post-punk vocal etc, electro-dance synth lines) and is a killer - just wait for the panned twizzy keyboard bit (hinting at passing car horns I reckon) in the middle and watch the crowd wave their hands aloft. "Update" heads further to the house dancefloor with some seriously hefty bass-weight and driving rhythm. The big hands-aloft rave-tinted keyboard line is the icing on the cake. 

Enjoy it it's good


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