Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laidback thursday

If Cole Medina and his American Standard imprint can hit big with slo-mo reworks of Olivia Newton John and Spandau Ballet, then LOTI, aka Lord Of the Isles, looks set for big things with «What’s Lord Got To Do With It?», which reinvents Tina Turner’s 80s soft-pop monster «What’s Love Got To Do With It?». There’s no second hand emotions here though, just sizzling summer bar vibes – with that chugging rhythm and drifty flute atmospherics, it’s like the charity shop find B-side Balearic remix you dream about uncovering but never actually do. On the flipside LOTI ups the pace with the excellent «With An Angel», which takes snippets of Marvin Gaye’s «Come Live With Me Angel» and weaves them into quite a driving disco-house groove – one for the later-hour dancefloor.

played by: Zambon (Primitive Copies), Ritesh (Adult Contemporary), Juno Recommends Disco, Neil Diablo, Cottam, Sleazy Beats Recordings, Lord Of The Isles


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