Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6th borough project one night in the borough

Scottish no. 1 Nu-Disco producing duo Graeme ‘The Revenge’ Clark and Craig Smith aka 6th Borough Project present their first full-length album for the well known ‘Delusions Of Grandeur’ label from the UK. And it’s everything you would love to hear from these guys and even more! This album oozes with pure class, and with 14 well crafted tracks to choose from you just know this one’s gonna be BIG..
(Tracklist) 01-)  Intro
 02-)  Let Yourself Go (Live Mix)
 03-)  If The Feelings Right
 04-)  B.U.R.T. (The Journey)
 05-)  Find A Way
 06-)  Back To Me feat. Ricky Reid
 07-)  The Fool
 08-)  Endless Nights
 09-)  Iznae
 10-)  Deep C
 11-)  Changin’
 12-)  B.U.R.T. (Inside) feat. Paul Joseph
 13-)  String-A-Lude
 14-)  Settle


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