Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maxxi and Zeus - The Struggle

You know Maxxi & Zeus better as Quiet Village. We all know them best as Matt Edwards and Joel Martin, two of the most serious record collectors around. For this debut 12-inch for Uruguay's finest, International Feel, the duo turn in two tracks that recall Edwards' late 2009 podcast for RA that featured tunes taken solely from Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication imprint. The Struggle is a love letter to the chill out room, two ambient hymns that defy moment-by-moment description. To break them down like this would be to miss the point completely. "The Struggle" and "The Cell" are mood pieces which simply float by. A beach guitar lick, a wordless invocation of the aforementioned cell, birds and birds and birds chirping away in between synths that vainly try to imitate them: This is the sort of ambient music that simply isn't made anymore. To some ears, this is a good thing. But upon listening to The Struggle, there's reason to think that there is material left to uncover here. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Edwards and Martin effortlessly navigate the line between weightless New Age and the portentous drones that glut the current experimental scene. Both tunes are life-affirming dreamscapes that sound completely fresh.


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