Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's Travel back in time to talk about one of my fav Anime

Samurai champloo blend of a historical Edo Period backdrops with modern styles.the show relief on actual event of edo era japan..and the different in this anime are the signature element of modernity ,especially hip hop culture,such as rapping,graffiti,bandits behaving like "gangsta",censhorship bleeps replaced with record scratching,and much of Mugen Character design including fighting style influenced by breakdance.
Music in Samurai Champloo release in 4 cd soundtrack,the first produced by shinichiro watanabe,Dj Tsutchie and japanese duo Force of Nature,the second album was produced by japanese dj/producer Nujabes and american mc/produser Fat Jon,and two additional soundtrack produced by Tsutchie
so it's like watching samurai story with a touch of hip hop Culture...
the trailer and this is the opening by nujabes feat shing02
    almost forgot this one is my favorite track from the soundtrack..=)

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